Building a bridge with aluminum is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective

Publisert: 13. January, 2021

An R&D project carried out by Hydro, Leirvik, Norwegian Public Roads Authorities, NTNU, SINTEF, and Dr.techn. Olav Olsen, confirming that aluminum is an eminent future-oriented building material. Use of aluminium at the Hordfast crossing on the west coast of Norway, being part of the ferry-free E39, will reduce the brigde construction costs, and lower the CO2 emissions, it can reduce maintenance and would become a considerably lighter bridge.

Erik B. Holm, Director of Technology at Dr.techn. Olav Olsen AS says that it has been an exciting work to study the potential for the use of aluminum at Hordfast. "Here it is possible to combine existing technology and products and apply it in new areas, and that is something we really like to work with". Holm further says: "Design for sufficient fatigue life, global stability and optimization in terms of cost has been central to the project, as well as utilization of the unique production method of extrusion. There are undoubtedly opportunities in using aluminum in the bridge construction for both short and long spans."

See the video from  SVV (Norwegian Public Roads Authorities)