Dr.techn.Olav Olsen attended the ICOLD Congress

Publisert: 28. August, 2018

At the ICOLD (International Commission on Large Dams) World Congress in June, Elisabeth Hovde (Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen) was invited to present a probabilistic analysis of the Reinoksvatn Dam. This type of analysis forms the basis for partial factors and material factors in eg. Eurocodes, and represents a new and alternative methodology for demonstrating dam safety.

Probabilistic analysis are based on probability distributions for all variables in the calculation. Statistical methods calculate a sample space, combined with a failure criterion, which together gives a probability of failure. This probability is compared to the safety requirement given in Eurocode.

The advantage of this kind of analysis is that it gives a much better insight into which variable is most significant for the dam safety. Thus, targeted measures can be made relating to these variables, to improve the reliability of the dam facility.

The dam is owned by Statkraft, and the article this presentation is based on, can be found in the bottom of the article.